What they say about Mercantina

In Mercantina, we count on all opinions. Therefore, we are keen to keep what you say about us in the social networks and the media.

Hearing the words of those who live the Mercantina experience, we can be better and keep the innovation and quality.



Mercantina has new stars

Mercantina was elected as one of the best Lisbon Restaurants by the newspaper USA Today, novelty on the menu.

O Arrumadinho

Let me introduce yourselves the future Panna Cotta by "O Arrumadinho"

Some days ago I wrote here that every time I go to an Italian restaurant, I do my panna cotta with Nutella acting performance. I ask if they have Nutella (and there´s always), I ask if they have panna cotta (and there´s always) and then I request them to bring me the panna cotta but with some Nutella on top. Occasionally, I Take no for an answer. Nobody respects mine own will and I have protested enough in the post that's up here...

Boa Cama, Boa Mesa

Mercantina Restaurant: the premiere of handmade Mozzarella

It might well be said that the new Mercantina Restaurant menu is full of what is the best of Italy in Lisbon. And indeed, after two certifications Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, and this statement it is not far from the truth, just look at their new menu and realize that whether in Alvalade restaurant or in the Chiado, the new dishes are inspired by more genuine Italian flavors.

A Pipoca mais doce

My stomach applauds #7: Mercantina

There is a new restaurant in town and I, of course, since, I´ve been there nibbling. Twice. All that is fattening is my business, I never miss. Mercantina is in the renovated Alvalade Shopping Centre, which won a whole new life and is now one of the liveliest places in the city. I think great that they have been recovering places that were already more than ceased, contributing now to the neighborhood life. Ok, returning to Mercantina. If you´re on diet just forget, is not worth going there to suffer, seeing all the good things that will pass in front of your nose. Just the smell makes you want to throw yourselve to the floor crying. Hereupon only worth going if without food restrictions or if you are a follower of the "diet cheat day", that day on your diet when you can eat all the food in the world. ! The Place motto is "cucina per amici" because that's just what this area calls for: good food and good conversation at the table.