At Mercantina the excitement is permanent because the windows wide open to the Alvalade Plaza or to one of the most emblematic artery of Lisbon, Rua da Misericordia, tears the day, announces the night and gives joy life.

At Mercantina we have the frenzy of Milan people, basil soul, and the color of Neapolitan tomatoes. We give free leash to our imagination and we take a journey over the smile of the Sicilian Sea. We have the countryside´s glamour, the affection of firewood and the sweet vanity. We Join in the same table, friends, acquaintances, lifetime fellows, with a sweet and fair price, the only way to conquer.

At Mercantina the kitchen is indulge well-groomed, with scent, ecological, no risk taken. It is rare, pure, sassy, with the neighborhood testimonies echoing through the city, scattered by the wind gust and light clouds of swirling italian soft dough, Crispy, crunchy, al dente - for everyone taste.

The partners

José Bartolomé

University professor, businessman, entrepreneur, idealistic and doer. He was always sure that, one day, there would come a time to sit at the same table with António de Sousa Duarte and Paulo Antunes, longtime friends, and create a very special concept.

After ADBD Communicare communications agency in 2000, and the success of POPULI restaurant, opened in 2012, located in the Terreiro do Paço Square, in 2014, was born the first Mercantina restaurant in Alvalade. In 2015, it was born Mercantina Chiado.

António de Sousa

He was a journalist and teacher. In the last fifteen years he has been a communication Entrepreneur. He studied law and he has a PhD in Political Science. He was the Communication Director of Sporting Clube de Portugal and he is the author of books and television documentaries.

Four years ago, again alongside José Bartolomé Duarte, he threw himself to the world of hospitality and tourism - emerged Populi and Mercantina. And what else comes …


Businessman and entrepreneur, 53 years old, he was only 18 when he headed to South Africa to dwell in Johannesburg and Pretoria, in the 1980-1985 years.

After joining in Sun City, network of casinos and dining outlets and leisure, returned to Portugal where he created an important restoration and tourism unit in Sintra Business Park. He was also linked to the creation and development of production and marketing companies in the packaging sector.


Giorgio Damasio

Giorgio Damasio was born in Genoa, he is living in Lisbon since 2000 and he has a degree in political science. From early age he decides to exchange academic career to embrace the passion for cooking, inherited from the mother and grandmother. After some years working in restaurants like Reid's, Lapa Palace, Cipriani and D'Oliva, in 2014 he accepted responsibility for Mercantina Kitchen, later, he also took responsibility for Populi kitchen (restaurants of the same group).

Currently he works as a consultant chef of Mercantina Chiado, Mercantina Alvalade and Populi Restaurants.

Chef Pizzaiolo

Diogo Coimbra

Since early age, Diogo Coimbra start expressing his love for cooking. It was in POPULI Restaurant, in the Terreiro do Paço square, where he really began to materialize this passion.
With the opening of Mercantina he was invited to take responsability for pizzeria in Mercantina. Then he headed to Oporto where he had training with the Neapolitan Master Antonio Mezzero. During the training we had the opportunity to acquire and develop their own skills, and he regularly invests in his training in his acquaintanceship with Neapolitans Pizza Masters on his trips to Naples.

Today, Chef Pizzaiolo of Mercantina brand, he is dedicated 100% to the brand's expansion.