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Mercantina Group represents Mercantina Alvalade, maat Café & Kitchen, Terra Nova by Populi and the delivery brand Take the Box.

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The first Mercantina Group's restaurant was Terra Nova by Populi, located on the Terreiro do Paço, with an amazing view through the Tagus River. Considered the best restaurant in Lisbon by USA Today and one of the five best codfish places in the capital by Le Figaro, Terra Nova is currently focusing on this delicacy, under the baton of Chef Ricardo Estevas.
Born in 2013 in Alvalade the already iconic restaurant Mercantina, created to honor the Mediterranean cuisine, with the true Neapolitan pizza, risottos and pastas. With Chef Natanael Silva at the controls, Mercantina stands out from the competition, being considered one of the best Italian restaurants in the capital, certified by Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, known as "the Michelin star of Pizzas".
In November 2018, the Group opened Mercantina Bistro 37 on Avenida da República, featuring products from the sea, the land, and to share.
In 2020, the doors opened to versatility with the exclusive Take the Box delivery brand, which debuts with Asian cuisine (baos, dumplings, noodles and pad thai), but also ventures into burgers and oriental cuisine.
maat Café & Kitchen opened its doors in 2020 in Belém and is already famous for its brunch and fusion dining dishes, with an unmissable river view.

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Providing you with memorable and sensorially stimulating experiences is part of our daily purpose. We offer unique, distinctive surroundings and an unparalleled balance and harmony of great flavors. Join a journey through the Mercantina Group world and delight in our restaurants.

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From kids to adults, everyone has a place at the table. Our menus are designed with the specifics of our customers in mind, with options available for everyone.

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Freshness, authenticity, and flavor. These are the key ingredients of our cuisine. We choose the freshest products and prioritize the choice of premium quality ingredients

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Experiences only become real when they are led by true masters. Our executive chefs are authentic professionals experienced in the art of gastronomy and promise to bring you the best flavors and textures.


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